No matter what darkness I see in this world or how I translate it to page or screen - there is always light.
It's just harder to see. ~ Kimberly Amato

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Welcome to my official website! Here you will find any and all updates on books in progress, the Steele Series or various Events I have scheduled. If you sign up for my Newsletter – you won’t get buried with mail – I’ll keep you posted on new book updates, press or events as they come up. If you want to know about my writing, various films | games | books I’ve read and more – head over to the Blog area. Beyond that feel free to Contact Me | Follow Me on Social Media. Thanks so much for stopping by! Now, I’m off to get some writing for website content, novels, blogs done. Work is fun when you love what you do!

Book Progress

Breaking Steele – Editing Phase 90%
Enemy – Outline Phase 15%

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