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Welcome to my site! I’m Kimberly, a freelance writer, author, gamer, John Jay College Alum. and sometimes a cool auntie. When I’m not doing what I love, writing my books or content for someone else, I’m trying to make my wife happy. I look forward to hearing from you about a project I can assist you with, a comment about my books/blogs/podcasts or just to say hello! In the meantime, have a wonderful day.

The Steele Crime Series

Steele Resolve Crime Series

The Steele Series follows Homicide Detective Jasmine Steele on her various criminal cases in New York. Haunted by the murder of her brother and his wife, Steele must find a way to bring the man responsible to justice – but also live her life without regret. Along with her friends and colleagues, Jasmine has to raise her nephew Chase in a world she sees as all encompassing darkness. Follow her stories as she struggles to balance being a newfound parent, a detective trying to give closure to families and a girlfriend trying to keep her relationship together.

“The writing style of Amato is wholly immersive, with scenarios as rich as those provided in top-tier film (Taken) or television (CSI, NCIS, Castle).” ~ James McQuiston, Nefutur Magazine

No matter what darkness I see in this world or how I translate it to page or screen – there is always light.
It’s just harder to see. ~ Kimberly Amato

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Enemy 40%

The sky was crystal clear. The sun illuminated the world with its rays. The warmth danced along the wind as it sashayed through the buildings and fields. It was so bright, most missed the shadows of a missile as it flew across the beautiful blue. It wasn’t until that metal tube landed, that the world became aware. While the world was watching the news media fighting one another over radical uprisings or social outbursts, other governments were making their moves. While trust among countries fell apart, one flourished. Economies needed help and their people needed a distraction, and war was just that.

The sun still shines. The wind still carries warmth during certain seasons. The sky is still blue on a clear day. Children still attend school, the military still remains a constant presence, the world hasn’t ended for most. But we all live under one rule of law, a King and rights are easily taken away.

Freedom is only for the wealthy and powerful.


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Fav Multiplayer Game: Diablo III
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