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Kimberly is the author of the Jasmine Steele Mystery Series, Managing Editor of The Lesbian Socialite & Owner of Kimmie's Corner. Beyond writing, she's a wife, aunt, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice alum, a fangirl, gamer girl, loves new tech gadgets and toys. Feel free to contact her via the contact form.

Steps Taken To Write & Get It Out There

Previously, I wrote about writing a novel and what you do with it when it's done. Well, I do write a lot but more screenplays, teleplays etc - I've only got one novel under my belt at this moment in time. I have been grilled and asked religiously "What the hell do I do to get this out there?" I could tell you all day what not to do or what to do - but ultimately you have to do what you feel is right. Not only because you need to feel comfortable in how you sell something/pitch it - but if you have a negative response I might get some blame. SO - I will simply write down what I do but I will warn they are not in any definitive order.

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Loss, Grief & Guilt: Letting Go of My Angel

My friend said to me that when we adopt animals we never think about the eventual decisions we have to make on their behalf. In 1998, my mom called me out to her car and said she had a package in the front seat. No one knew what the heck was going on, but I figured “tall person”, as my mother calls me, had to carry it in. What I found on the front seat was a sleeping, as small as my left hand, snoring lightly – Pug.

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Mind Over Matter: We Control Our Own Lives.

Cancer by definition is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the part of the body... it's a malignant growth or tumor resulting from such division of cells. There are many things that can attribute or can cause this disease. Many different reasons for it to come to pass. Hell, there are so many different things that cause Cancer, we should all live in airtight bubbles with purified oxygen and even then... some of us will get Cancer. Yet, many do not go about dealing with their diagnosis like Michelle Tomlinson. She fights with a plan and a positive attitude - one that has changed me for the better.

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You Wrote Something… Now Self Publish?

I've been working on a new television pilot, reworking a script and trying to finish my novel. In other words - editing is not my friend. In fact, editing my novel is my worst enemy. I've only gotten through 40 something pages out of the full-length book - it's slow going. The bigger question is what the heck do you do with all of this crap when you're done? Hopefully, the answer is SELL IT - PRODUCE IT - FILM IT. In my experience, each item has different avenues you can take to try and get your project off the ground.

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I Might be Female, but I do have a BRAIN.

Have you ever walked into a place of business and searched out for the one person you know could help you? It could be the next person available, or just someone with a friendly demeanor - but you know the one when you see them. If they tell you things you don't want to hear, you argue and ask for a supervisor. Nine times out of ten, you either get what you want or you don't. Normally, you would maybe ask another person's opinion but whatever happens, you get the information you desired. So please explain to me why certain men feel the need to either bypass me totally OR listen to what I have to say and then walk over to the nearest male I am working with and ask their opinion.

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Deals With Devils….

Everyone has reached that moment... that one second when you want to take your fist and implant it somewhere. It might be a wall, a steering wheel or (hopefully not) another human being. The fact is today's day and age we are surrounded by constant stimulation. Everywhere we go there are TV ads, Facebook Posts, Tweets - all about how amazing someone else is and how we are sub-par. Now that, plus the everyday stress of normal life and we hit the boiling point sooner rather than later. If we lose our cool and give into the negative... it's all about the deals with devils...

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Why We DO It!

Before you get started, no I'm not talking about "it." I'm talking about how we all rip ourselves down during the course of our lives. Sure, maybe there is a medical reason for some issues, but overall aren't we just ripping ourselves a new one for sake of FEAR? Trust me I am not one to shy away from the argument because I am one of the most horrific victims of my own stupidity.

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FEAR = “False Evidence Appearing Real” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Fear, it’s what we live by and what many die by. We’re afraid of new experiences and some people are held tightly in its grasp with phobias so strong they cannot live a full life. Personally, I am claustrophobic – in certain situations more than others – and I have a terrifying fear of heights. I am not afraid of people, color, sexual orientation, animals – well spiders and snakes freak me out a bit – but overall I manage to get by. I get on planes by watching JetBlue’s televisions, reading on my tablet or just focusing my mind on something other than being in a small sardine can waiting to fall to a fiery pit of death. So, why do I bring up F.E.A.R.?

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Hard Work Pays Off

So, today is a normal everyday... Well day. I woke up with a headache - I blame the weather - and now I am sitting at Ford in Huntington waiting on an oil change, 60 mile check up and a few other little things. We all know those little things always lead to big things whether it be cost or benefits. So, it got me thinking, what other little things ended up in being a beneficial big thing for me.

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