Wake Up Call

Sometimes mistakes can be a massive WAKE UP CALL. We writers suffer from them all the time. It could be as simple as having a train of thought be lost because we have no pen, batteries for our keyboards, cell phones away from us or what not. Sure, it sounds like an impossibility due to technology being so accessible - but the reality is IT'S NOT.

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I Screwed UP – AKA “A writer’s massive mistake”

Ever make a mistake that just continuously eats away at you? Part of it is because of the backlash you rightfully deserve, but also you let others down. It's really a difficult thing to process, let alone accept. I compare the situation to one of my diving lessons. When entering the water, we always want to ensure we leave nature as it was before we showed up. I know the intent is to not touch or harm the natural beauty, but the ocean is forever changed by my being there. It is the nature of reality.

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Updates & News!

Hello, internet world! My apologies for being away for so long. I've been wanting to blog more frequently, but sadly that has not been going the way I wanted it to. I've been dealing with two serious problems with my right arm for a bit now. My shoulder is a mess and my elbow isn't much better. I have numbness in my ring and pinky fingers.

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Enough might be… could be… Enough?

What's in a word? A hell of a lot if you follow the Websters-Dictionary Twitter feed. Those people have words, for words divided by words. The rest of us look at words as an involuntary action. We communicate with small, large or even contracted ones. Created slang to shorten them or have accents to change the way they sound. Don't get me started on dialects! Language, in general, is a difficult thing for many people to master, especially when in a larger country like the USA.

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Gay Marriage : Where Freedom & Religion Don’t Meet…

I went to Catholic School from pre-k all the way to a senior in high school. Every religion class I attended, every homily I heard, every word that came out of an older person's mouth was always the same - God is love. Many people do not believe in God, and that is 100% okay, but you still have faith in science - and for this blog's purpose it is important. The point is, love between consenting adults is good. The love between consenting adults who wish to spend their lives together is good. Trying to deny protections under the law for a religious reason - when not found in all of them - is wrong. It isn't about your religion. It isn't about your right to have your faith. This is simply about a person's ability to live their life the best way they know how with the utmost respect for their lives. Let me explain.

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Choices, Decisions & Being an Adult

I'm sure everyone has those moments... the ones where you sit back in your chair and question what the hell has happened to your life? You know the one where Person X has gotten to Point B and you haven't... and you work just as hard and you fight just as much. Yet, you stare ahead at what feels like the unobtainable and you wonder "Why am I not there?" It's the same in every field, you don't just have to be an actor to understand it. You can be an accountant wondering why you are still dealing with the low end of the totem pole, while new employee gets accolades, pay increases and a promotion before you. Same story, different players, different phrases - same tune.

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Steps Taken To Write & Get It Out There

Previously, I wrote about writing a novel and what you do with it when it's done. Well, I do write a lot but more screenplays, teleplays etc - I've only got one novel under my belt at this moment in time. I have been grilled and asked religiously "What the hell do I do to get this out there?" I could tell you all day what not to do or what to do - but ultimately you have to do what you feel is right. Not only because you need to feel comfortable in how you sell something/pitch it - but if you have a negative response I might get some blame. SO - I will simply write down what I do but I will warn they are not in any definitive order.

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Loss, Grief & Guilt: Letting Go of My Angel

My friend said to me that when we adopt animals we never think about the eventual decisions we have to make on their behalf. In 1998, my mom called me out to her car and said she had a package in the front seat. No one knew what the heck was going on, but I figured “tall person”, as my mother calls me, had to carry it in. What I found on the front seat was a sleeping, as small as my left hand, snoring lightly – Pug.

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Mind Over Matter: We Control Our Own Lives.

Cancer by definition is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the part of the body... it's a malignant growth or tumor resulting from such division of cells. There are many things that can attribute or can cause this disease. Many different reasons for it to come to pass. Hell, there are so many different things that cause Cancer, we should all live in airtight bubbles with purified oxygen and even then... some of us will get Cancer. Yet, many do not go about dealing with their diagnosis like Michelle Tomlinson. She fights with a plan and a positive attitude - one that has changed me for the better.

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I Might be Female, but I do have a BRAIN.

Have you ever walked into a place of business and searched out for the one person you know could help you? It could be the next person available, or just someone with a friendly demeanor - but you know the one when you see them. If they tell you things you don't want to hear, you argue and ask for a supervisor. Nine times out of ten, you either get what you want or you don't. Normally, you would maybe ask another person's opinion but whatever happens, you get the information you desired. So please explain to me why certain men feel the need to either bypass me totally OR listen to what I have to say and then walk over to the nearest male I am working with and ask their opinion.

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