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The Jasmine Steele Mystery Series

Steele Resolve Crime Series

Kimberly Amato’s Jasmine Steele series is made to order for fans of hard-boiled police procedurals, badass female sleuths, and bargains. Those who can’t get enough of the exciting new wave of hard-boiled women sleuths, created by writers like Megan Abbott, Laura Lippmann, Lisa Lutz, and Vicki Hendricks will love Amato’s take-no-prisoners style, her unflinching attention to harrowing detail, and her tough-as-nails but soft-hearted detective.

Lovers of traditional mysteries will appreciate the web of fierce loyalty tempered with fearful caution that links Jazz’s tiny but hardy support system—both at work and at home. Somehow or other, in each book, Amato manages to mix all the excitement of an action thriller with the swirling emotions of a mainstream psychological novel.

“The writing style of Amato is wholly immersive, with scenarios as rich as those provided in top-tier film (Taken) or television (CSI, NCIS, Castle).” ~ James McQuiston, Nefutur Magazine

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Steele Shield

“Amato’s storyline blends contemporary cultural issues with the strong deeply held human emotions and the impact of the resulting clash of culture and those emotions.”

Leanne Hoagland Smith

“I read this book in one day. Couldn’t put it down. Very fast paced and made you really care about the characters. I will read the entire series!”


“This book deserved five stars because it was able to hold my attention to the end. The characters were believable, interesting and likeable. The plot was carefully revealed. I look forward to getting more books about these characters.”

Sister Ruth Fishburn

“Never thought those words would go together. An enjoyable read with all the mystery and excitement of a police case but with the warmth of the challenges of family.”


“The writing style of Amato is wholly immersive, with scenarios as rich as those provided in top-tier film (Taken) or television (CSI, NCIS, Castle).”

James McQuiston, Neufutur Magazine

“Anticipate a gritty, first-person storytelling approach that succeeds in not just telling a story, but immersing readers in a world replete with danger, psychological insights, and a woman struggling to survive on both personal and professional levels.”

Donovan's Bookshelf

“There are few writers who are as facile at finding that keen sense of presences – making the reader feel involved on very page with every act and every word as Kimberly Amato. She makes Detective Steele a winning female character, embellishing her well-established character from Book 1 with fresh adjuncts, and yet despite all the terror and trauma she introduces comic relief at just the right moments. This is very fine writing by a lady who knows the idiom!”

Grady Harp

“This book had my mind reeling until the end! Makes you think twice before entering cyber space!”

Sierra Kline

“Well-developed characters, good story, a good read start to finish. I strongly recommend you read this one, first in a series”

Steven DeLuca

“Having never read this author before I was pleasantly surprised at getting hooked in the first chapter. Pretty much a “can’t put it down” kind of book which I enjoyed immensely! Now I need to track down the next book in the series. I would recommend this to any crime/mystery reader!”


“Jasmine coping with life now, wishes it could be as easy now as it was when she was a child. A child’s game of connecting the dots, now it’s a connecting the dots on the wall. A call, three dead bodies, what caught her attention was the company, captain’s warning to me, this was not going to be a Vendetta, This was a good thriller, Jasmine let’s you in on what she is thinking, as the case unfolds.Does she connects any dots and any of them from the past, makes this an interesting story. Do wonder what the next book will be about.”

Ellen Oceanside

“Detective mystery writing at its best. [sic] The plot twists and action fly in this female-driven detective mystery series. This is book one, and if it’s any indication this is going to be a must read series for lovers of the detective mystery genre.”

Elizabeth Alsobrooks

“I liked the book..the plot storyline was very engrossing…”

Amazon Customer

“I love the dynamics between Steele and Chase, Steele and her it’s complicated sort of ex-girlfriend Frankie, and Steele and the coroner Victor. I also love the way the story unfolds. Amato was able to write this story at the absolute perfect pace to make any reader want to keep reading. I am anxious to pick up book number 2 and find out what happens next in the case as well as what happens next with Steele and her family.”

Robin Perron

“impressive writing from a really good author in the making…can’t wait for the nxt book in this series..great action for every1 to read about”

Walter J. Wallace

“A terrifically entertaining read by a terrifically talented author, “Steele Resolve” by Kimberly Amato is very highly recommended and would prove an enduringly popular addition to community library collections.”

Midwest Book Review

“The story was amazing! I enjoyed the unraveling of the characters and the tugging of the heartstrings of Aunt Jazz when she had to become a mother and caregiver for her young nephew after her brother and sister-in-law’s unexpected death.”

Teacher's Aid

“Transitions between the wakeful Steele and her dream states are clearer in this book than in the last. Instead of fighting like a demon when she should barely be able to crawl, she has a hand with mold on it. This is a good thing.”

Mary Lou

“At first the first person narrative had me thinking I wouldn’t care much for the story but turns out it was great. The only downside was I wish it were a little longer. Now I’m off to read the second and can’t wait.”


“Excellent work, I did not see that ending coming. I love it, read it within 24 hours. I just couldn’t put it down. I will read The Jasmine Steele Mystery Series.”

Amazon Customer

“Fast-paced, exciting and powerful storyline, I just couldn’t put it down. I have always loved murder mysteries and Amato doesn’t disappoint.”

Cheri Clay

“I actually loved the Foreword. It nailed our current society and was the perfect setup. I could see it all happening as I read it. Which was the case with the entire book, it was excellent writing. At only 180 pages I devoured it in one sitting. It was fast paced and kept my interest throughout. Great series, I can’t wait for the next.”

LA Howell

“Mystery readers with an affinity for psychological depth, a gritty, realistic first-person voice, and twists and turns of plot based on both detective investigations and emotional passion will find both stories stand well alone but are especially vivid and well-developed reads when read together.”

Donovan's Bookshelf

“This one is a bit more of a LGBT suspense or thriller book as it is very intense and fast paced. It is no wonder that our editors give is 4.9/5 rating”

Wilde Times Tavern

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