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In this cautionary tale of the decay of democratic systems, author Kimberly Amato delivers the chilling reminder that every generation discards the lessons of history at its own peril – and that of generations to come.

As the novel accelerates to its shocking but inevitable conclusion, the brothers act out the timeless struggle between love and so-called “duty”—actually the noose of authoritarianism–as the fate of humanity is decided by one idealistic woman determined to give the world a fresh start.

“Political thrillers come in different hues; some are beautifully done while other require some tweaking. Kimberly Amato’s “Enemy” is a sensational novel.” – Jerry Olasakinju

“Enemy by Kimberly Amato is a riveting and scary kind of dystopian thriller. With the political situation of today, the turmoil, and upheaval, this story is not too implausible.” – V.E.

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A well-crafted dystopian sci-fi tale.
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"Enemy by Kimberly Amato is a superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author weaves a well-crafted dystopian fiction that serves as a chilling reminder of what the future could hold for humanity. Skillfully constructed, this gripping and thought-provoking novel will have you turning the pages from beginning to end."
A. Cannady
Gripping fiction that cuts a little too close to home
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“Enemy” by Kimberly Amato is a chilling read in today’s controversial political climate. The book itself is well-written with excellent characters that pull the reader into the story. [sic] The problem is that, much like with the historical Civil War, families are split entirely as people disagree about what’s best - follow or resist. It’s an entirely too eerie and possible prediction of how life could be if our own society continues on the path it’s on."
Celese L.
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"After reading this, I am so incredibly glad I decided to pick up this book and give it a try. My skepticism was blown out of the water with this book. I am actually still surprised myself by how much I loved reading this book. All I can say is that you should definitely give this book a try, whether you think it looks good or not. Like I said, it is a fairly short book, so it will not take up too much of your time. You will not be disappointed by this one."
Suzanne K. Taylor
This book, man...
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"“Enemy” will make you question yourself. What would you do out of loyalty? What would you do when you felt you were out of options? What would you do to protect a loved one? A stranger? I don’t just mean you’ll question yourself while you’re reading it. “Enemy” stayed in my head for days. Now that I’m thinking about it again…"

* goes back to re-read “Enemy” *
James McQuiston
Scary to think this fiction looks too true.
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"The novel, Enemy, gives a fictional view of where our future could become. Kimberly Amato shows the difficult decisions people make when they don't follow the flow of a dictator system. Brother against brother for the sake of what is best for the family. This isn't an easy novel to read if you view it as a possibility in our future, but as a dystopian fiction, it is awesome. I love the action, danger, and drama involved in this book with the characters."
Saundra Wright
This is a great series for so many reasons!
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"This is a great series for so many reasons! The police procedural and psychological aspects are very astute. The plot maintains the tension throughout with plenty of twists. But my favorite part of the writing is the human interaction. It shows a depth few books in this genre do. I also love seeing other lesbians portrayed in main stream fiction with total acceptance and the real longterm relationships so many of us have."
Best One Yet!
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"This installment of the Jasmine Steele series is fast paced and gut wrenching for our erstwhile chosen family. But so good."
Larry T. Cottrell
Excellent Reading
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"Very well written. Totally enjoyed each and every character and their interactions. Found it hard to put down. Highly recommend this author."