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Enemy has officially been released!

In this cautionary tale of the decay of democratic systems, author Kimberly Amato delivers the chilling reminder that every generation discards the lessons of history at its own peril – and that of generations to come.

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What People Are Saying
James McQuiston
Nefutur Magazine
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"The writing style of Amato is wholly immersive, with scenarios as rich as those provided in top-tier film (Taken) or television (CSI, NCIS, Castle)."
Saundra Wright
This is a great series for so many reasons!
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This is a great series for so many reasons! The police proceedural and psychological aspects are very astute. The plot maintains the tension throughout with plenty of twists. But my favorite part of the writing is the human interaction. It shows a depth few books in this genre do. I also love seeing other lesbians portrayed in main stream fiction with total acceptance and the real longterm relationships so many of us have.
Best One Yet!
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This installment of the Jasmine Steele series is fast paced and gut wrenching for our erstwhile chosen family. But so good.
Larry T. Cottrell
Excellent Reading
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Very well written. Totally enjoyed each and every character and their interactions. Found it hard to put down. Highly recommend this author.
Sandra Mcdowell
Very Emotional...
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Mar 09, 2020 Sandra Mcdowell rated it it was amazing Very emotional.. I found this book to be very emotional as the characters go through their lives. An adveture well worth reading!! Bravo!!!
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