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A Book Excellence Awards Finalist, Enemy, is a cautionary tale of the decay of democratic systems, that delivers a chilling reminder that every generation discards the lessons of history at its own peril – and that of generations to come.

As the novel accelerates to its shocking but inevitable conclusion, the brothers act out the timeless struggle between love and so-called “duty”—actually the noose of authoritarianism--as the fate of humanity is decided by one idealistic woman determined to give the world a fresh start.

"Political thrillers come in different hues; some are beautifully done while other require some tweaking. Kimberly Amato’s “Enemy” is a sensational novel." - Jerry Olasakinju

"Enemy by Kimberly Amato is a riveting and scary kind of dystopian thriller. With the political situation of today, the turmoil, and upheaval, this story is not too implausible." - V.E


Welcome to the site! Here you will find everything you need to know about me and my books. Beyond my writing, I am an avid reader, a podcaster, and cool auntie. 

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Kimberly Amato is the author of the Jasmine Steele Mystery Series and Enemy. Having won awards for a TV Pilot she co-wrote & produced, she dove headfirst into writing novels. Always creating, jotting down new ideas & unafraid to try new genres, Kimberly writes mysteries, crime, romance, sci-fi & more. Beyond that, she's a podcaster with her wife, Sheila, for the show Forever Fangirls reviewing TV and films on streaming services and in theaters.

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