What’s in a word? A hell of a lot if you follow the Websters-Dictionary Twitter feed. Those people have words, for words divided by words. The rest of us look at words as an involuntary action. We communicate with small, large or even contracted ones. Created slang to shorten them or have accents to change the way they sound. Don’t get me started on dialects! Language, in general, is a difficult thing for many people to master, especially when in a larger country like the USA.

I could drive for twenty-four hours south and get to Florida. Twenty-four hours in Europe – you could be in any number of countries. The point is, that words and references of time are different for everyone. Social status, relationship goals and more are all set up in those words or references. If they’re so different in essence or meaning – why do human beings hold ourselves to a once size fits all set of standards?

I’m a nobody.

Let that sink in.

I, Kimberly Amato, a published author, holder of a post-graduate degree – is a nobody. I am not being negative in my assessment. Maybe people would find my phrasing to be rather harsh or off-putting. In my opinion, it’s not. Simply put, I know who I am.

I am not an all encompassing human being that will be read about for thousands of years to come in history books. I am not a scientist who will cure cancer or some other massive disorder facing mankind. I am a nobody to millions of people.

Yet, I am ENOUGH.

I am battled tested and mother approved. I am starting to go gray and I hate it, but it’s okay. I hit forty and the world didn’t spin itself over, turn back time and allow me to relive my younger years. Time moved on without my permission, because to the grander force of life – I am no one.

When a new cell phone is released, most people run to grab it. The commercials tell them, it will make your life better. Once the shiny new item is in your hand, you show all your friends and family. If a reality show is hocking some new lifestyle, cars, jewelry etc for nothing more than being who they are – you might feel less. They do nothing but prance around on screen talking about first world problems and making millions in the process. People wonder if they get a viral video or buy what others have that they’ll be enough.

Ads of medicine helping you feel better, just ask your doctor. Some people really need medication, but truthfully, commercials are meant to get you to buy things. They don’t care how you feel. Marketing’s job is to get you hooked on the emotional high you feel when someone tells you “that’s awesome” or “you look great”. Businesses want you to feel perfect upon purchase. They’re making money but aren’t there to pay your credit card bills or help you deal with the after purchase lows.

At least not until next years product is released. Then they cycle starts all over again.

My point is, you are enough in yourself. It doesn’t matter how many social media likes you get or twitter followers you have – you as a human being are enough. You have accomplishments that might not be on par with someone else, but they are amazing for your situation! You don’t have to be famous, have a lot or even be the most popular person in a group.

All you need is fear, anger, sadness, happiness, disgust, surprise, trust and anticipation to name a few. In other words, you need emotions. Feel them, embrace all of them as part of the well-rounded human being you already are. They are your tools that allow you to take the world in, process it and put back into the world the energy that represents you. Accept that you can’t always be happy. Appreciate the sadness, anger, fear and more. Life decided you were good enough to have the ability to experience them – so should you.

I accept that I am no one. Not because it makes me negative or worse, but because I am just Kimberly. I am a human being, living her life in her truth. A bisexual woman, married to an amazing woman with forty or so years left to live and learn. Still, someone who struggles daily with insecurities yet manages to find a light somewhere every day in a text or a hug.

My writing, my family, and my friends are my lights. Find yours. Hold on to them. Realize they value you as much as you should value yourself.

Then LIVE. Don’t simply EXIST from one new product placement to the next.

As always, feel free to comment and share. Your words of wisdom are always welcome.

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  1. I’m just a nobody, too, yet I get to be with my children and grandchildren and dog and all the wonderful people that I have come to know over the years. I am a grain of sand but with the world of people around me : we create a heck of a beautiful beach. Love you. Mom

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