Have you ever walked into a place of business and searched out for the one person you know could help you? It could be the next person available, or just someone with a friendly demeanor – but you know the one when you see them. If they tell you things you don’t want to hear, you argue and ask for a supervisor. Nine times out of ten, you either get what you want or you don’t. Normally, you would maybe ask another person’s opinion but whatever happens, you get the information you desired. So please explain to me why certain men feel the need to either bypass me totally OR listen to what I have to say and then walk over to the nearest male I am working with and ask their opinion.

Have you ever walked into a place of business and searched for the one person who you felt could help you? It might be the next person available, or someone who locked eyes and smiled at you. EIther way, you know them when you see them. If they are rude, spiteful or frankly useless – you might ask for a supervisor. If they don’t know have an answer for you, they should help you find it out. That is proper customer service. I worked at GameStop (I know, I feel the same way) – I played and sold all the new titles for years. I rose through the ranks to the Assitant Store Manager who helped run the entire place. I ran midnight tournaments at a local restaurant… so explain to me why men constantly needed approval from another male while I was there?

I had a customer who would call regularly. I would answer the phone and I knew his voice right away. It got to the point where whomever I was working with would refuse to talk on the phone – he was that rude I was told, in no uncertain terms, women did not understand games or the better ones. We just play because our boyfriends do and not because we actually like it. Plus, we have no place in gaming – period. I constantly had to defend myself and my choices in games. The last time I spoke to him, I informed him that if he disliked women in gaming so much he should stay away from all the female characters who are scantily clad as well as all GameStops as it was an equal opportunity employer. I never heard from him again.

During holidays, I had fathers and even some women spend a long time with me assisting them. Talk through various games, explain parental controls and what not. Then they would ask for the nearest male employee walking by, who is just as busy, and have them verify everything I’ve said. Then and only then is it good enough. It was downright offensive and took every fiber of my being not to defend myself.

The point is – this is downright UNACCEPTABLE. If I have given you my time, my life and energy – give me the respect and listen. If I haven’t answered a question or you feel I am rude, ask for someone else. Don’t literally ask the only other male on shift with me – “Hey, did she give me all the right information?” That makes you look like a sexist fool. Not only did you wast my time, but you made it so I will not help nor assist you again. Why would I do that, when you value me so poorly?

Don’t say “I’ll wait for the next man to be available” and then cry about the wait… you put out negative energy and it came back to you.  Don’t say “Men know more than you” and expect me not to laugh at you. Have you investigated? Have you spoken to me and determined that? I would like to know what scientific study you did where women are less informed than men in a game store they both work at. Maybe if I was new, sure… but when this was all happening – I was there for at least 2 years.

This happens all the time in many different directions, the end result is the same – DISRESPECT. What the hell are we teaching kids that certain people have no brains or are of no worth? You can disagree with me, but the evidence of my varying jobs is overwhelming. If one more person waves their finger in my face pointing to my coworker and saying “You come here” or “Guys know more about this sorry.” or better yet “You’re too pretty to know about this” – yes that really happened…or better still – ignore what I have to say to you… then ask for a piece of paper and ask me out for drinks after work. Yes, that has happened to. I am just trying to pay my darn bills and am sick of being treated like a fool.

Ultimately, if you want something a little courtesy, common sense and human decency go a long way. If someone treats you with respect you should do the same in return. It’s not rocket science.

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