So, today is a normal every… Well, day. I woke up with a headache – I blame the weather – and now I am sitting at Ford in Huntington waiting on an oil change, 60 mile check up and a few other little things. We all know those little things always lead to big things, whether it be cost or benefits. So, it got me thinking what other little things ended up in being a beneficial big thing for me.

1) LiveMansion Contest:
Few people, well most people won’t remember this big fiasco online. As an actor we try our best to get our names out online where frankly any press is good press. I entered this contest, fully aware it was not based on talent but more popularity. The gist was this: you set up a profile – similar to Facebook – and you choose a role, or roles you feel you are good for. If you make it to round two, you get to shoot a short clip with the monologue provided – trust me; it was not great – and then you upload the footage to the site. Round three, you had to shoot a scene and most people did said scene with other actors in the hunt because it gave you more publicity. They cast the winners in a film which ended up never being produced.

I made it to the end of the second round. I was listed in the finals but was told a “computer bot” got into the servers and they removed me along with various other people. Not sure to this day why or how it happened and frankly don’t really care. I know I was hired by the company and paid by the company to do some promotional work – and they paid me. That was more than I can say for the winners… And I know that damaged my eligibility.

So, how did all of this drama lead to a better thing? Well, it’s simple – another contestant and the characters we both were interested in happened to play across from one another. So, I reached out, and we worked together. During the aftermath, we worked together for a short time. During out tenure as business partners, we created, wrote and produced the Award Winning TV Pilot Party Girl. See, bigger things out of a smaller, lesser one.

2) Under The Raven’s Wing – the indy feature that could…
Many of you know by now that I starred and co-produced the indy feature Under The Raven’s Wing directed by the talented Susan Adriensen. It was a long shoot, but there is a product I am supremely proud of. Anyway, I am not used to the hoopla surrounding features etc… The feature went to various film festivals and was Nominated for Best Horror Film at the Queens International Film Festival.

So, you might ask what was bad about it? Nothing. It was a thrilling ride, filled with various interviews for blogs, magazines, etc. I met so many people at film festivals or just them contacting me online. To this day I still get several emails from European countries and some here asking for autographs – which is very surreal since I still have a day job.

So what was the small thing that led to a bigger one? Theron Neel interviewed me for a website he was working on. Nothing major, just a simple interview that he titled See Me. Theron, and I hit it off and we continued to talk – still do to this day. Anyway, one day he emails me after doing another interview with an amazing horror actress on her film The Cellar Door. His email was simple – “Hey, contact her because I think you two would get along well.” So, me being the person I am found her on Facebook and shot off an email. Why the heck not right….

If you haven’t already guessed it – that woman was the talented Michelle Tomlinson. Yes, Award-Winning Actress, Producer, Filmmaker – Michelle Tomlinson. Now, my West Coast Partner in Crime and I have done various projects from Itch, to The Mis-Adventures of McT & A and have a few features in the works as I write this…. See once again a small meeting grew into a huge thing.

I guess my point to this post is to showcase that you never know who you will meet during everyday encounters. Sure some of them might be horrible experiences but everything has to have a positive outcome. If it didn’t, what would be the point of all of this living stuff.