Ever make a mistake that just continuously eats away at you? Part of it is because of the backlash you rightfully deserve, but also you let others down. It’s really a difficult thing to process, let alone accept. I compare the situation to one of my diving lessons. When entering the water, we always want to ensure we leave nature as it was before we showed up. I know the intent is to not touch or harm the natural beauty, but the ocean is forever changed by my being there. It is the nature of reality.

What am I babbling about? My marketing team works very hard for me and during one of our conversations, we realized Steele Resolve was too short to be considered for a BookBub ad. It was agreed upon to do a page one rewrite of the whole book. If nothing else, it would allow me to flesh out the areas I hadn’t before and fix some issues I noticed that were minor but irksome for me. I had to use dictation software because my right shoulder was constantly in pain and I was preparing for surgery on September 19th. I managed to have everything done, edited and to the “formatters” right before surgery. I was thrilled. I just titled it wrong, deleted the proper files and uploaded a rough draft. Normal right?

During the three months from my surgery date, I was developing another problem in the same arm called Frozen Shoulder. I was still paying attention to the reviews on all my books. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. There was nothing to indicate the version was the wrong one and I was focused on my healing. My marketing team told me the book was accepted for a BookBub ad and it was like Christmas in November! I was given a larger category and this was going to launch my book series! Until it didn’t.

Fact is, December 5th came and downloads soared. I was thrilled. I had a second shoulder surgery that Thursday and this was making all the nerves fly away. Then the reviews came in hard and fast. Bad editing, wrong words used…. it has been non-stop since. I can’t blame them or any of you for feeling that way either. It really was a rough draft. I wouldn’t have sent that to my mother to read yet – she’s a serious Grammar Nazi (she is a retired English teacher). Yet, there it was for the world to see… and it hit my stomach like a ton of bricks.

I let all of you down. I gave you drivel to read in the guise of a first-person narrative mystery. It shouldn’t have happened, but sadly, it did. I promise you this is not something I will ever repeat. I can also say that my editor and I have worked through the entire story again. I named this one with the proper date and ensured the correct file was uploaded.

Simply put, I did a massive facepalm. I want to offer you all a corrected copy of the book, should you wish to read it. If at that point, you would consider amending your reviews – I would be forever grateful. If not, I am grateful you took the time to write a review at all. Please email me at [email protected] or use the Contact Form stating you would like a copy and I will reply with the corrected PDF. If you wish to wait for Amazon Kindle to update automatically – I am working with them on a rollout. As of 12/19, I am still waiting for their decision to update or not.

Either way, thank you so much for your time, patience and understanding in this matter. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and here’s to an amazing New Year!

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