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Cancer by definition is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the part of the body… it’s a malignant growth or tumor resulting from such division of cells. There are many things that can attribute or can cause this disease. Many different reasons for it to come to pass. Hell, there are so many different things that cause Cancer, we should all live in airtight bubbles with purified oxygen and even then… some of us will get Cancer. Yet, many do not go about dealing with their diagnosis like Michelle Tomlinson. She fights with a plan and a positive attitude – one that has changed me for the better.

The first thing I notice when people get the news they are not prepared for is “WHY? WHY ME?” I’m sure McT went through that, but not once I have I heard her complain about it. In fact, in her first Blog Post “Cancerous Realizations” she simply states in bold, italicized writing “I will not be a victim of cancer.” How simple a statement, yet one so full of power. It is rare to see someone take this kind of approach to anything, let alone Thyroid Cancer. Yet, here she was in all her vulnerable blogging glory – telling it like it is.

So, it gets me thinking, how many things do we all sweat, cry and freak out over that we could just change? Diet? Weight loss? Mental Health? Just putting our minds to it, accepting what we cannot control and try something different. Hell if Michelle can make a diet plan, add working out and fight with every fiber in her being – WHAT is stopping us all from “FINDING OUR LIGHT“? I give credit to McT for that quote. We stop ourselves. We deny ourselves. We fight ourselves. It’s time to stop fighting and “SAY GOODBYE TO THE PAST.” For Michelle, it’s saying goodbye to her tumor “The Past” – for the rest of us it is saying goodbye to what we let hinder our ability to live. Michelle is BRAVE to stand up, speak and do what she needs to. The question is can we? Can I be BRAVE?

Michelle is my friend. She is positive and will continue¬†blogging about her battle as often as humanly possible – so make sure to go over there and PAY ATTENTION, subscribe! She will kick Cancers ass. She has made me a believer in her ability to destroy and overcome anything in this life. It was foolish for Cancer to knock on her door.¬†It’s gonna be the Thunderdome, two men enter but only McT leaves.

She is a Goonie, so am I. I gave her the t-shirt eons ago with a skull and crossbones on it with the saying “Goonies Never Say Die.” I think it is something we all should¬†believe¬†in.¬†Sure¬†you might still lose, sure you might fail… but dammit if you don’t try then you have lost already. I will do my very best to live for me, FIND THE LIGHT within myself… and find happiness within me. At the end of the day – while we live, while we are here – “THIS IS OUR TIME.”

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  1. YOU are the bombdiggidy, homegirl. THANK YOU. Thank you more than you know. And you are beyond brave. This I know of you. MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Love and adore you… bravery is in the eye of the beholder… interesting we never know how truly brave we are until we are faced with something we never saw coming. Much love to you.

  2. Hi Kimberly, My daughter is Emily. You are helping her with her resume right now. She had forwarded me one of your emails and I clicked on your blog. Then I clicked on Michelle Tomlinson's blog. It is JUST want I needed to read. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and had thyroid cancer about 10 years ago. I tend to be more of the "Keep Calm and Kick Cancer's Ass"

    1. Vinnie… wow – I commend you and keep kicking it's ass goodbye. You can do it and we will all support your cause and your strength.

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