I’ve been working on a new television pilot, reworking a script and trying to finish my novel. In other words – editing is not my friend. In fact, editing my novel is my worst enemy. I’ve only gotten through 40 something pages out of the full-length book – it’s slow going. The bigger question is what the heck do you do with all of this crap when you’re done? Hopefully, the answer is SELL IT – PRODUCE IT – FILM IT. In my experience, each item has different avenues you can take to try and get your project off the ground.

For this blog post – I will cover the novel first. If it’s a book – you can finish editing it and send out a massive amount of query letters to agents. There is an amazing list on the WGAE website. They might find some interest in the effort and request to read a sample. If they want you the agent will do the rest of the work. Then the publisher will read it and possibly want more changes – which means more editing.

It can be a very difficult process, that may or may not see any return on your hard work. This is why I have actually gotten a group of people, one being a published author herself and another an English teacher, to read through my revisions so I can self-publish. Why an English teacher you ask? Because I believe there is a difference between drink, drank and drunk. I also feel that if you are writing something for people to read – you might want proper grammar. Yes, I know my blog is not a good example of this grammar stuff ūüôā

Self-publishing seems like an easy idea¬†actually¬† You can choose the price of your book – more people are likely to buy something for a few dollars digitally than if it was the same price in hardcover or paperback. Remember, don’t be too greedy here or to giving. You want people to buy your book so your price it¬†competitively, but you are also an unknown and don’t want to price yourself out of sales. As shown on Marking Tips Blog segment How Much Should Your Price Your EBook¬†– they cover many different elements that I could only graze upon here.

For me personally РI am leaning towards self-publishing on Amazon via the Kindle Direct Publishing. I understand there are varying platforms to choose from BUT Kindle has an app for all of them. Which means, my little novel will hit anyone who has the access and no how to download a book or an app. They offer several languages, allow me to edit online if someone maybe posts a grammatical error I missed. The best part for me Рyou get to keep 70% of the profit. Like I mentioned in the beginning РI am a nobody. I have been published for poetry only. This is a new word and one I want to break into. If I have to lose a bit more off the top so be it.

Now obviously there are serious terms and conditions that apply to anything. If you don’t want to give Kindle your exclusivity – you can use several other places to distribute your novel. SmashWords is my next choice – which I could switch to easily as I finish the book. The end choice must be yours and you must CHOOSE WISELY. Remember Indiana Jones took his time and made sure he chose the right¬†chalice¬†– make sure you choose the right provider for you. Otherwise, like the poor dead guy in The Last Crusade – you will perish… or at least your income might.

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