Choices, Decisions & Being an Adult

I'm sure everyone has those moments... the ones where you sit back in your chair and question what the hell has happened to your life? You know the one where Person X has gotten to Point B and you haven't... and you work just as hard and you fight just as much. Yet, you stare ahead at what feels like the unobtainable and you wonder "Why am I not there?" It's the same in every field, you don't just have to be an actor to understand it. You can be an accountant wondering why you are still dealing with the low end of the totem pole, while new employee gets accolades, pay increases and a promotion before you. Same story, different players, different phrases - same tune.

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Hard Work Pays Off

So, today is a normal everyday... Well day. I woke up with a headache - I blame the weather - and now I am sitting at Ford in Huntington waiting on an oil change, 60 mile check up and a few other little things. We all know those little things always lead to big things whether it be cost or benefits. So, it got me thinking, what other little things ended up in being a beneficial big thing for me.

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