Gay Marriage : Where Freedom & Religion Don’t Meet…

I went to Catholic School from pre-k all the way to a senior in high school. Every religion class I attended, every homily I heard, every word that came out of an older person's mouth was always the same - God is love. Many people do not believe in God, and that is 100% okay, but you still have faith in science - and for this blog's purpose it is important. The point is, love between consenting adults is good. The love between consenting adults who wish to spend their lives together is good. Trying to deny protections under the law for a religious reason - when not found in all of them - is wrong. It isn't about your religion. It isn't about your right to have your faith. This is simply about a person's ability to live their life the best way they know how with the utmost respect for their lives. Let me explain.

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FEAR = “False Evidence Appearing Real” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Fear, it’s what we live by and what many die by. We’re afraid of new experiences and some people are held tightly in its grasp with phobias so strong they cannot live a full life. Personally, I am claustrophobic – in certain situations more than others – and I have a terrifying fear of heights. I am not afraid of people, color, sexual orientation, animals – well spiders and snakes freak me out a bit – but overall I manage to get by. I get on planes by watching JetBlue’s televisions, reading on my tablet or just focusing my mind on something other than being in a small sardine can waiting to fall to a fiery pit of death. So, why do I bring up F.E.A.R.?

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